LaunchOnFly 2.0
LaunchOnFly is a Start Menu alternative and hotkey manager. It lets you launch applications, open files, folders, Web sites, send e-mails, and do even more much faster and easier using quickly accessible and easily configurable menu which you can open using either mouse or keyboard.
LaunchOnFly menu
Adding new items (shortcuts) to LaunchOnFly menu
What are the main LaunchOnFly features?
  • Open a program, file, folder or anything else with only one click of a mouse button or using a hotkey.
  • LaunchOnFly menu doesn't use any screen space at all until you need it.
  • Open LaunchOnFly menu by just moving your mouse.
  • Add new items to your menu easily using 'Send To' menu or by dragging and dropping.
  • New! Hide shortcuts you want to be opened by only using a hotkey.
  • Organize your menu the way you want and even add separators between menu items.
Why should you choose LaunchOnFly over the Start menu?
  • With LaunchOnFly you won't waste so much time opening menu and searching for the program you want.
  • With LaunchOnFly you can open a program or anything else with only one click of a mouse button instead of two clicks when using Start menu.
  • You can open LaunchOnFly menu by touching with mouse cursor any screen corner or border of your choice, by pressing predefined key combination, by clicking mouse wheel or middle button, or by left-clicking LaunchOnFly system tray icon.
  • You can organize LaunchOnFly menu the way you want and even add separators between menu items and divide menu in multiple columns.
  • LaunchOnFly menu works flawlessly even when your computer is heavily loaded.
  • For those who frequently reinstall Windows it's easy to preserve the menu.
Configuring LaunchOnFly menu
Configuring LaunchOnFly
Opening LaunchOnFly Settings
Configuring LaunchOnFly menu items
You can perform the following actions using LaunchOnFly menu:
  • Launch programs
  • Open files
  • Open folders
  • Open special folders (Control Panel, Desktop, Computer, Network, Documents, Printers, Recycle Bin)
  • Open websites
  • Send e-mails
  • Perform special actions (open various Control Panel applets, open Search window, empty Recycle Bin, show 'Run' dialog, show/hide Desktop, show/hide Desktop icons, show/hide Taskbar, log off, switch user/lock workstation, hibernate, restart computer, shut down computer, hangup Dial-Up connection and even more...)
System requirements
Windows Vista/Server 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98
Have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports? Just send an e-mail.
Version history
New in version 1.52:
  • New feature: You can now hide individual shortcuts and submenus (in case you want shortcuts to be available only using hotkeys)
  • Change: Updated icons in Settings window
  • Change: Misc. user interface changes
  • Bugfix: When ALT key was used in combination with any other key to open LaunchOnFly menu, it didn't show up properly
  • Bugfix: LaunchOnFly sometimes didn't correctly import shortcuts created by Microsoft Windows Installer
  • Bugfix: Fixed bugs related to importing new shortcuts and editing items right from LaunchOnFly menu
  • Bugfix: Misc. bugfixes
New in version 1.51:
  • Bugfix: Settings window did not always come to front after sending an item to LaunchOnFly
  • Bugfix: Error occured while sending an item to LaunchOnFly with Settings window opened and Menu tab not selected
  • Bugfix: Couldn't uninstall LaunchOnFly if it was running and upgraded from versions prior to 1.5
  • Bugfix: Menu saving is now more reliable
New in version 1.5 (LaunchOnFly is now shareware):
  • New feature: Hotkeys for menu items
  • New feature: You can now send multiple items at once to LaunchOnFly
  • New feature: You can now drag and drop files and folders directly onto the Settings window without using the Send to menu
  • New feature: Added special action "Switch User/Lock Workstation"
  • Change: Improved icon handling while importing shortcuts
  • Change: Miscellaneous user interface changes
  • Change: Help is now available
  • Change: Improved QuickStart Guide
  • Change: Improved uninstaller
New in version 1.32:
  • New feature: Windows Vista support
  • Bugfix: Fixed issues with limited accounts
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug related to Column separators
New in version 1.31:
  • New feature: Column separators
  • Bugfix: Fixed issues with operating systems older than Windows XP
  • Bugfix: LaunchOnFly menu didn't close after selecting Open all items
New in version 1.3:
  • New feature: Menu item drag and drop support in Settings window
  • New feature: You can now expand or collapse all submenus in Settings window by one click of a button
  • New feature: You can now use a text in clipboard as a parameter for program by using text "[clipboard]"
  • Change: More actions in right-click menu for items in main menu (Edit, Delete, Open all items, Settings)
  • Change: Settings window is now resizable
  • Change: Some user interface changes in Settings window
  • Change: When specifying a program or file for a new shortcut, file extension is now automatically removed
New in version 1.21:
  • New feature: LaunchOnFly now automatically checks for updates
  • Change: Menu highlight color is now a bit lighter
  • Change: Small changes in Configuration window
  • Bugfix: Finally made key shortcuts (&) in menu to work
New in version 1.2:
  • New feature: You can now open menu by clicking mouse wheel or middle button
  • New feature: You can now configure LaunchOnFly by right-clicking your shortcuts in menu
  • Bugfix: LaunchOnFly didn't handle URLs properly
  • Bugfix: LaunchOnFly didn't install properly on some operating systems
  • Bugfix: Uninstall sometimes didn't work correctly
New in version 1.1:
  • New feature: Added menu backup and restore functionality
  • New feature: Added special action: Show/Hide Desktop
  • Change: Enlarged configuration window
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug when menu didn't close when you clicked somewhere outside it
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in uninstall
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